Have you ever run into the problem where you find an image on a website that you want to save but you can’t seem to download it? Or, maybe you have a file that contains an image along with other information but all you really need is a certain part, and you need it as a jpeg? Sometimes the easiest things seem to be so difficult to figure out. In this case, for Windows users, the solution is simple. Please meet your new best friend, the Snipping Tool! I am sure you will start using it daily once you get better acquainted.


The Snipping Tool is a very simple to use program that comes free with Windows OS. Let me show you where to find it and how to get started.

1 – Locate the “Start” button on your screen. It’s in the lower left-hand corner and it looks something like this:  Windows  (I used my Snipping Tool to grab and insert this image here, it’s so easy!)

2 – Type in “Snipping Tool” in the search field. Look for this icon: Snipping Tool Icon Right click on it and select “Pin to Taskbar”. Now it will always be there for you whenever you need it. Quick access.

Windows Taskbar

Now you can start using it!

3 – Click on the icon to open it and you’ll see a window something like this:

Snipping Tool Window

4 – Click on the “New” button and then your cursor will become a small cross. Use it to draw a rectangle around the area on your screen that you’d like to “snip”. Voila! It’s done. Easy right?

Snipping Tool Marquee


5 – Once you have your “snipped” image, you can either save it to your computer by clicking “Save” from the “File” drop down menu. Or, simply navigate to the program and file that you want to paste the image into and click Ctrl + V. The image will be pasted there.


Here’s a quick video of the Snipping Tool in action.



The Snipping Tool can be used on any image that appears on your screen regardless of the program you’re in. It is also invisible to itself so it won’t appear in any images you snip, even if the area you select overlaps the Snipping Tool window.

I hope you enjoyed this short article and learned something new and useful.

The Snipping Tool can truly be a magical timesaver!

– Karolina