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When to Set Up an Online Store

Online stores: When and why they are useful, and sometimes why they are not. Most of our customers these days have either had or would like to have an online store for the purpose of selling their merchandise to either employees or students and staff in a school...

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Do Promotional Products Work?

The Short Answer I often get asked if promotional products work.  The short answer is YES.  Without a doubt promotional products are a great way for businesses and schools to promote their brand and identity.  Stop and think about it for a moment, how many items do...

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More Bang for Your Buck!

Getting the Most Out of Your Marketing Dollars. I have been in the promotional products industry for 13 years, and still to this day, I feel there is a common misconception by a lot of companies who purchase promotional products.  “What is the cheapest giveaway I can...

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Abante Marketing Expo 2019

A Successful Expo! The Abante Marketing Expo, held Thursday, April 18th, was a huge success with our largest attendance ever at 108. Attendees were treated to a showcase of the latest promotional products and decorated apparel. In addition, they had the unique...

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The Life of a Screen

FAQ: So How Long Will Those Screens Last Anyway? This is a question that I get asked frequently by friends and customers, and the answer is simple and complicated at the same time. Welcome back friends, my name is Dave Luttrell Production Manager at Abante Marketing...

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