The trend spotting, dynamic duo at work… also known as Greg & Stan.


So, what is new in promotional products? That is probably the number one single most asked question I get as the owner and a salesperson. I have always found promo product trends to be more important. I have learned over the last 14 years doing this that the new and cool stuff lasts about a month and then it is gone as quick as it came (fidget spinners, mason jars in every material known to man, anything that requires you to read directions…you get the idea)


Understanding the Trends

Now, if someone asks me about promo product trends, I can understand that. We see trends all the time and keep an eye on them. Some of the best trends we have seen lately is anything tech or anything that involves your phone. When I first started, flash drives were the rage and you could still get drives under 1MB.   Abante Marketing kept up with that trend and we learned everything there was to know about flash drives. Now, those have dropped off quite a bit in recent years, but they are still out there. Today we see things like portable chargers and every device that can connect to your phone. The things I have learned about these items over the last couple of years give us a much better idea of what might really work for you. Yes, I can get chargers for $4 but the real question is what will work for you and ultimately who will be receiving the items you are putting your brand on.

I am not a huge fan of selling trinkets that no one will ever use. When possible, I try and steer people to items that I know will work and people will keep well into the future. We want products that make your clients think positively of you and not have negative feelings towards your brand when the $4 charger does not actually work.

There are so many choices out there for products we can get and the suppliers we can get them from, so we spend our time developing relationships with our suppliers and making sure we have a true understanding of the items we sell.


The Right Fit

If you are looking for someone to help you champion your brand and ensure what you are putting your logo on is the right item, not just the right price, then we would be the perfect fit. If you are looking for the latest thing that shoots in the air and spells your company name in glitter, I can get it, but I might steer you in another direction.

At Abante Marketing we love what we do, and we have worked hard over the last 20 years to build a solid and reliable company. We have continually reinvested in our business and stayed on top of the trends. We do most of our own decoration in house and we have kept up on the latest trends on equipment over the years. That has allowed us to grow into one of the largest promotional products companies in the Midwest and beyond.

If you have not given us a shot, I would encourage you to reach out to us and see what you have been missing.

-Greg Taylor, Owner