The Short Answer

I often get asked if promotional products work.  The short answer is YES.  Without a doubt promotional products are a great way for businesses and schools to promote their brand and identity.  Stop and think about it for a moment, how many items do you personally have with a logo on them.  I bet you have several in your closet and around your house.  The fact is people hang onto to products, even if they have a logo on them.


Below is a chart put together by the Promotional Products Industry that illustrates how effective the use of promotional products can be to increase brand visibility.


Do Promotional Products Work?



It’s In The Numbers

There are a few statistics that really jump out. First, 88% of the people who received a promotional product remember the company that gave them the gift.  That is an incredibly high number. Second, 80% of people own at least one promotional product and 53% of those people use them at least once a week. That is a ton of exposure for your brand.

A lot of money is spent on print advertising, radio advertising and television advertising. How many of those ads do you remember? I would bet not a lot of them. Sure, a few stand out, but overall not many.  In my opinion that is a lot of wasted money.  You would be much better off spending your advertising dollars on products that people actually enjoy receiving, will use and will help them remember your brand.

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