Does this sound familiar? You look at the calendar and realize that your big trade show or event is coming up very soon. The promo products closet is empty and you have nothing to give out to potential clients. My name is Derrick Ceder and I am a sales director at Abante Marketing. Following are steps you can take to make your event (or just to keep clients happy) memorable from a branding perspective.

Know Your Clients

Ideally, you would have started on your search much sooner. Production time is something that needs to be considered first and foremost. These things take time. With that said, the most important thing when deciding what merch/promo items to give out is to know your audience. When it comes to selecting the right promo products, consider whether you’re making clients happy or if you are trying to target new customers. Some clients are just happy to be getting anything for free. Some people don’t need another cheap pen that they’re going to throw in the trash.


Next, setting a budget is not only helpful for your bottom line but, for us sales reps, gives us a specific pool of items to choose from. Far too often, the goal is to just get something very cheap, which ends up potentially leaving a bad impression for your business or just outright never gets used in general. This results in your attempt at advertising going by the wayside.

The Right Promo Product

Finally, it’s time to choose/purchase your product. The final, important question to ask is, will the person use or see the promo product often? If they will, don’t get hung up on perfection. Having the perfect color or the perfect artwork or the exact item YOU wanted is not nearly as important as 1. The product you chose is actually going to be used. 2. Is as important as the message you’re trying to send. If you’ve done the first steps above properly, a simple message/logo/artwork with simple branding/colors is all that is needed!

There are thousands of products to choose from and finding the right choice is easier for you (and me ?) when you understand your goals and clients!


Feel free to contact me for your promotional product needs!

Derrick Ceder,